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COUNTER PRO, volumetric auger doser


COUNTER PRO, volumetric auger doser suitable for dosing products in powder, grain and extruded pastes.

It has recently received a restyling, like the rest of the cars in this category.

The guideline for this restyling of the range was to set ourselves the goal of improving its ease of use and the quality of the finished product. This restyling was possible to achieve it by integrating an auger management through electronic commands, inserted to control the dosage of the powder inside the packaging.


Features of the COUNTER PRO

This machine is able to fill both plastic and glass jars, of various diameters and heights, bags and bottles, with powdered products, for example eyeshadow in free powder, or in granules, or pasty products (extruded).

The COUNTER PRO auger doser is suitable for dosing small quantities of powdered products, grains and pastes, starting from a minimum net weight of the product of 0.9 grams up to a maximum of 3000 grams, thanks to the correct dimensioning of the auger.


This version of the powder auger doser differs from the MINICOUNTER as regards the range of formats that can be used as bottles or jars.

The project was born by reducing the concept of a machine dedicated to the dosing of powders to the essential. In fact, there are no optional of any kind.

For a low budget version of this machine, we recommend viewing the COUNTER ECO


Versatility of use

COUNTER PRO is one of the models of Co.Pack powder filling machines.

In fact, compared to the other LINECOUNTER and ROTOCOUNTER models, it certainly has a lower production capacitybut still superior to the MINICOUNTER model. Thanks to its versatility in format change, it makes this machine valid for use in the production department.

For production it can be used stand alone or mounted on a line.

If you need a machine for small production batches and perhaps of a different type,where a frequent format change or color change is required, the COUNTER PRO is perfect because of its simplicity, as well as guaranteeing you an excellent result also in terms of machine cycle times.​


Composition of the COUNTER PRO machine

Machine frame, made of electro-welded AISI 304 stainless steel tubing.

All parts in contact with the product to be dosed are made in AISI 304 stainless steel (AISI 316 only on request - with additional price).

Dosing auger made of AISI 304 stainless steel (built on the basis of the diameter of the bottle mouth to be filled).

Hopper in stainless steel AISI 304 of 28 lt.

An orbital agitator controlled by a servomotor is present inside the hopper, to detach the product from the walls.

Auger dosing unit controlled by a servo-motor with speed and position control of the dosing auger for the optimization of the filling tolerance and the filling time (Tolerance + / - 3%).

The fixing of the hopper allows you to easily use the machine to disassemble the hopper itself and wash it with extreme simplicity.

Filling operation by means of an electric pedal.

Filling operation automatically, or by means of a pneumatic pedal.

4.5 "color touch screen control panel with speed regulator and electronic device that allows you to vary the number of turns of the screw for accurate dosing, alarm signaling, resettable piece counter.



Technical data

DOSING RANGE 8 g - 3000 g
SCREWER DIAMETER 10 mm - 100 mm

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