About us




CO.PACK s.r.l. was born in Milan in 1996 , specialized in the construction of dosers and presses


Managed by the Gandini family, together with its valid collaborators, in a few years, constantly growing, CO.PACK s.r.l. has managed to establish itself by winning the esteem and trust of many important companies, both in Italy, but above all around the world.


From 1996 to today, in addition to taking up the construction and quality concepts of the DOSA PACK, CO.PACK s.r.l. is committed to constantly developing new applications in all the sectors concerned: chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food.


In 1997, given the continuous growth of the company, the CO.PACK s.r.l. it was moved from Pioltello (MI) to the current Pozzuolo Martesana (MI), Italy, headoffice.



The fair presence of CO.PACK

During these years, as an advertising vehicle, it has been chosen to constantly participate in some important fairs such as:

the COSMOPROF di Bologna, the COSMOPROF of North America in Las Vegas or the IPACK-IMA of Milano



In this period it has not been left out the direct collaboration with the production departments of the most important companies in the cosmetic, chemical and food sectors.This aspect has given us a great advantage to further increase the production quality of our machines, thus enhancing both the production aspect and the application of new technologies on our machines.





CO.PACK is recognized in the industry for being an experienced and reliable company

Years of activity in the packaging sector make CO.PACK s.r.l. a company with proven experience and reliability in solving more specific packaging problems for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.


Our production range consists of dosing, filling, even monobloc machines complete with sealing, sealing and capping machines.

We also manufacture press machines for cosmetic powders and equipment necessary for mixing, refining, sieving the powders themselves.



Each of the indicated machines is available in the manual,semi-automatic or automatic version for higher targeted productions to meet the different needs and requirements of customers, taking into account the type of product and the different work parameters.

In any case, we are talking about machines made after careful research and design, built with materials compatible with the product to be used and treated in detail by qualified technical personnel.



It is clear that our proposal is spreading like wildfire in all sectors. On our way we happily encountered fair competition that has certainly allowed us to grow professionally and technically, guaranteeing us certificates of trust from our customers. CO.PACK s.r.l. it also undertakes to create systems for high production, increasingly in demand in the very important sectors in which we operate. We believe instead that in general, as regards the creation of special machines, we are not competing with anyone, because:...


our adaptability to specific problems and the spirit of collaboration with the customer allow us to respond to the most particular needs, becoming with time and experience in the sectors in which we operate, a strength of CO.PACKs.r.l.


In this case it is very important to understand perfectly the problem to be solved, in order to promptly and safely submit our proposal.

Our special creations in all sectors are multiple and impossible to list, which, by carefully following the safety standards, the EEC standards in force and respecting the environment,they are placed on the market by providing customers with a reliable product for any type of reality.



CO.PACK s.r.l. is a company in constant development and always in step with the most modern technologies.


Our goal is to create better quality machines to be offered on the market, guaranteeing the customer maximum professionalism and maximum performance.​