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Semiautomatic pneumatic rotative filling machine


for dosing and screwing nail polishes, perfumes and solvents.

The machine is easy, flexible and economic.


ROTOVID-P nail polish filling machine features 

10 interchangeable pockets for easily interchangeable bottle housing.

Worktop of the working group is made of aluminum, covered with an AISI 304 stainless steel sheet.

2 guided pneumatic pistons, which allow the ascent and descent of the level filling and screwing groups.

Device for inserting marbles into bottles, complete with hopper.

1 Level filling nozzle controlled by pneumatic vacuum pumps.

Caps complete with brush, manually placed in the bottle.

Screwing unit of the caps on the bottles.

All groups are adjustable in height to allow for format change in height.

Pneumatic reset piece counter.


The operation of the machine is completely pneumatic, which gives the possibility of working even in dangerous environments.


Optional that can be integrated with the filling machine

  • VOLUMETRIC DOSER UNIT MOD. PACK ECO Dosage range: 4/50 ml.


Note:  the machine can work with 2 operator.

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