We present the Co.Pack machines

Dosing machines for liquids and creams of all kinds, dosing machines for powder and granulated products, cosmetic powder press machines, capping machines, screwing machines, conveyor belts, rotary machines and special machines for the customer's needs, are just some of the proposals of the machines in the Co.Pack catalog since 1996.



Professionalism, experience and flexibility are the fundamental values of Co.Pack

In fact, thanks to a large catalog of machines, we are able to formulate advantageous proposals for numerous purposes, in order to make Co.Pack a company focused on satisfying companies that want to work and dominate in their respective sectors:

cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and food.



Our machines in the catalog are entirely conceived, designed, and manufactured by us

At our headquarters in Italy, precisely in Pozzuolo Martesana in the province of Milan, the machines with the best quality/price ratio you can find on the market are manufactured.

Co.Pack cares about its customers and we want to see your company grow using the best equipment and machines you can have, in fact we always make sure to deliver a valid and quality machinemaking you feel proud of your investment in the growth of your company.

This is why our technicians put passion and dedication on every aspect of the machinery:
from its inception in the design phase, to the construction and then finally carry out various test phases.



Custom designed machines

Contact us or consult our catalog on the site to find out about our complete range of production.

We also manufacture special machines, specially designed for you and your needs.



Compact powder machines

Machines for the compacting of cosmetic powders, in automatic, semi-automatic and laboratory versions.


Filling machines

Centesimal high precision dosers, for liquids similar to water, in automatic-rotary, semi-automatic or manual version


Powder filling machines

Machines for dosing products in powder and granules, in various versions depending on the production capacity required


Front Back Injection machines

Automatic or semi-automatic machines capable of injecting the cosmetic powder directly into the packaging


Mascara & Lip gloss machines

Rotary or pedal machines, to treat dense and high viscosity products such as mascara and lipgloss, heating and dosing them in the bottles


Laboratory machines

Machines designed and developed to be used in laboratories, to test a formula or making samples


Nail Polish / Solvent / Perfume machines

Automatic, semi-automatic and bench machines, dedicated to fill and pack nail polish with ATEX protection grade.


Creams filling machines

Dosing units in different versions according to the needs for dosing creamy products and gels


"Baked" products machines

"BAKED" dosing and pressing system, suitable for dosing "baked" type pasty products on terracotta type supports.


Lipsticks machine

Manual machine dedicated to the melting and casting of cosmetics such as lipsticks and lip-gloss


"Mousse" machine

Automatic rotary machine for the dosage of cosmetic powders convex type "MOUSSE"