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PACK LABO - Bench-top manual cosmetic powder press for the laboratory



This bench cosmetic powder press, named PACK LABO, is a small press machine suitable for a working environment such as the laboratory.

Thanks to its small size, large spaces are not needed to perform compacting tests or small productions



Suitable for testing the compaction of a new formula for cosmetic powder or for making samples, for example of eyeshadows, blushes, compact powders, etc.

Taking advantage of our important experience in the design and construction of compacting machines for cosmetic powders.


CO.PACK thanks to the collaboration of its development team, leveraged the knowledge gained from its traditional cosmetic powder press machine model such as the PACK 160-80 PS to create a smaller version, in fact his ideal working environment would be the laboratory.

With extreme ease of use, it is possible to perform compacting tests of the formulas made in the laboratory, or simply produce samples quickly.


Features of the bench powder press

This bench cosmetic powder press consists of:

  • Pneumatically controlled oil press device, with the possibility of varying the pressure and compaction time;
  • Lateral manual controls of the press;
  • Emergency button;
  • Electromagnetic control by means of a selector for the detachment of the finished puck in the mold;
  • Safety protection panel on the front, fixed with four screws;
  • Finally, it is equipped with a timer with a display that shows the pressing time;
  • It has a solid structure, totally built in AISI 304 stainless steel, and is therefore easier and faster to clean.


Technical data

WORKING MODE Electro-Pneumatic
PRESSION from 4 to 8 bar
POWER 0,04 kW
POWER SUPPLY 230 V monofase
DIMENSION 460 x 600 x 500 h


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