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Innovative laboratory compacting machine for cosmetic powders, like eye shadow, blush, ecc. 


fundamental part of the New ELECTRONIC Line designed by CO.PACK s.r.l.

The ePACK L0, can press over the 17 kN force, though an electronic piston, and saves data during the pressing phase, to allow the lab technician to analyze the data and can visualize the grapichs of curve of response of the pressing phase of the cycle.

It is possible to visualize the graphs directly from the HMI Touchscreen on the machine or on the Web Browser,

With this innovative instrument for the sector you can compare the test of pressing cycle made with different powder or ribbon, and the graphs can show to the lab technician the force apllicated and the position of the electronic-piston.

In the HMI of the ePACK-L0 you can manage the fundamental parameters for the compacting machines:

  • the height of the mold for the powder loading; 
  • the number of pressings; 
  • the speed of the press; 
  • the acceleration and deceleration of the cylinder during the cycle;  
  • the pressing time;
  • the force of the piston;
  • the high, low and intermediate position to establish the machine cycle.

A compact powder machine, equiped with an electronic piston, is a very good choice for your company and your cosmetic powder production site, beacuse is precise and costant, compared to the hydraulic machines.

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