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ROTOTAP, the screwing capping machine for bench caps

The ROTOTAP machine is an unprecedented product of CO.PACK s.r.l.

Usually this system is mounted on board of different models of our automatic rotary filling machines, used for high production.

This time we focused on creating a machine requested by small producers, to partially automate their lines of manual dispensers.


ROTOTAP was born from the need to quickly plug and screw packaging of various shapes, with the aim of reducing production times for departments that have semi-automatic or manual machines used by operators, with the possibility to change the format at an affordable price.


Compatibility with Co.Pack machines

It is possible to combine any dispenser with our ROTOTAP capping machine, to simplify and speed up the capping and screwing procedure of the caps.

The advantages of combining the two machines together are:

  • Make the tightening process constant over time with times marked by the machine;
  • The operators will no longer suffer from wrist pain caused by the hours spent screwing caps on the bottles;
  • Increase in productivity;
  • It is possible to have only one operator for dosing and capping.


Example of ROTOTAP application + Co.Pack dispenser

In this video we show an example of application of the capping machine with a PACK ECO bench filling machine

The ROTOTAP machine, through a function present in the HMI Touchscreen panel,is able to send an input signal to the dispenser, making filling automatic,it will no longer be necessary to press the pedal to perform the dosage.

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