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FILL L0, Filling machine with high centesimal precision for liquid products, fully electronic.


The machine is made with a fully parameterizable electronic dosing cylinder, guaranteeing the customer a centesimal precision according to the needs. 

Using the software equipped with the innovative S.M.A.R.T. FILL, which allows you to enter the parameters correctly with guided steps, it is possible to make the setup of the machine simple and intuitive, saving on time and product by avoiding numerous tests.

Does your product need extreme precision? No problem, we have the solution for you

We have a liquid filling machine model capable of dosing with the precision of a hundredth of a milliliter [0.01 ml], particularly suitable for products composed of expensive raw materials.

For example, in an application case of this kind we treated an eyebrow serum by combining the centesimal precision of our FILL L0 dispenser with the automation of the rotary machine ROTOFILL ML 2100.

As the product in question was very expensive, it was necessary to have a device capable of independently checking that each filled bottle fell within the narrow range of precision imposed.

For this reason we used a dedicated sensor that allowed us to automatically differentiate the correct dosages from the incorrect ones, thus creating an automatic discarder.

In this way we were therefore able to increase the daily productivity of our customer, as well as solving the problem of checking every single bottle.

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