BK Labo Press

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BK Labo Press, bench press for "Baked" type Wet powder products


BK Labo Press, is a bench press to be used in the laboratory or for small productions, suitable for Wet powder products, more specifically for Baked products.

Complete with manual ribbon unwinding device and pneumatic bottom extractor.


What are Baked type wet powder products?

Wet powder products such as Baked are pasty cosmetic powders that can be dosed.
This is possible thanks to a volatile substance, with which the cosmetic powder is mixed to make it fluid.

This type of products are first dosed on a terracotta bottom, for example through a dedicated machine such as our ROTOPACK BK 1000 3-C. These bottoms with the dosed product are pressed, giving them their characteristic rounded shape. Thanks to the pressing, given for example by the BK Labo Press, a large part of the liquid part of the product is extracted, due to the absorption of the compacting ribbon.
Finally, the product is baked (hence the specific name) in an industrial oven, completing the drying phase of the Wet powder, in this way the volatile substance disappears, making the product usable for make-up.


BK Labo Press features

Compressed air operation.

it is possible to regulate the compacting pressure by means of a pressure regulator from 0 to 7 bar, in such a way as to compact or dry the product more or less strongly, in this way it is possible to quickly extract the volatile liquid part from the Wet powder product.

  • Dimensions :      25 x 35 x h. 45 cm.
  • Weight :                8 Kg
  • Ribbon width Max : 100 mm.


DIMENSIONs 25 x 35 x 45 cm


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