An extremely versatile version of the CO.PACK Entry Level filling unit
There is nothing 
more Simple and more Practical

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The New PACK ECO can fill numerous types of different products in consistency, density, fluidity, foaming and color, that is:
the majority of liquid or dense products
for example, the experience acquired over time by CO.PACK, in the testing of various different products, include:


  • Cosmetics: Gel, nail polish, oil, cosmetic cream, mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner, toning serum, remover, hair dye, shampoo, ecc.
  • Food: food cream, honey, ecc.
  • Pharmaceutical: mouthwash, serum, veterinary liquid, ecc.
In all probability, many other products similar to those listed, including yours, they are manageable through this filling unit.
We show you the new version of the PACK ECO unit in action, filling a bottle with a sanitizing gel

In case you were curious about the improvements made ...
... Here is a brief description
  • Even more adjustable, with the new regulation displayable numbers for the dosing;
  • CO.PACK has studied a filling unit for the manual production, this time we worked hard to satisfy a customer like you, improving an important aspect: the Quality-Price ratio.
In fact, following internal investment choices, the restyling of this version of CO.PACK filling machine, was developed with the aim of achieving higher quality at the same price of the previous version.


  • We have maintained the characteristics that have made the PACK ECO a valid filling machien, this version maintain unchanged the simplified Disassembly system for the cleaning , via Tri-Clamp system, in addition to the parts in AISI 304 stainless steel. 


  • It is always possible to choose from 3 different kits of replaceable parts, to guarantee excellent precision diversifying the dosage ranges. 
The versions are 1-20 ml , 4-50 ml , 20-260 ml, can also be purchased separately as a kit to expand the dosage range of the filling unit, adapting it perfectly to your production for different formats.
If you have come this far, it is because NUOVA PACK ECO has caught your attention or curiosity, in any case CO.PACK advises you to view the launch offer dedicated to this restyling, to view some technical details and the price of this filling machine.